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GBS 2016 Year in Review


This is a small sampling of my resume.  I’ve had over 130+ clients.  All happy.  Which makes me happy.
In terms of filmmaking, we are capable of:
  • logging and syncing
  • storyboarding the cut
  • doing a roughcut
  • sound design
  • music composition
  • visualfx
  • 3D animation (C4D R17)
  • 2D animation (AE CS6)
  • professional grade, industry standard color correction
  • finishing a final cut
I love to create energy in projects.  I am, however, a very big fan of balance, and therefore I also enjoy cutting both elegant projects and high energy projects.
I really do enjoy cutting across the board.  Favorite genre to cut; Anything with suspense. “Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror”
I have shot, directed, and edited for;
  • South Coast Plaza
  • Wechat
  • Arika Sato
  • Fashionista804
  • FIDM
  • Hot Import Nights
films I have cut for clients:
  • Grabbing the Sun
  • Die to Live
  • Family Ties
  • In These Walls
Short films I have cut for clients:
  • Guardian Lost
  • The Homeless Dancer
  • Tag
  • Mormon Central
Trailers I have cut for films:
  • Something Magical This Way Comes
  • The Spartan Chronicles
  • In These Walls
  • Grabbing the Sun
  • Dane Cook – Rough Around the Edges
Music Videos I have cut for clients:
  • Jennis – Do It
  • Mk – Street King
  • Boozie – That Stank
  • McKay – The Dream
  • Spencer – Back in Town
Documentaries I cut for clients:
  • The Haunting of Olivet
Projects I’ve produced for clients: (This is the full package service I provide: includes editing, directing, shooting, scripting, visual fx, color correction, sound design, music scoring, animation, 3D animation, etc…)
  • And Then I Died
  • Shorty’s Demise
  • Star Wars – Exile
  • Fearless
  • Ariel’s Friends
Jeremy Scripter – Editor at mOcean Editing house, cut trailers for Avengers and other Marvel films, also won the 2014 Key Art Award for his “The Simpsons on FXX” spot.
Tomas Boykin – Actor best known for his role as God in the film “I AM”.  I am the ONLY editor he will allow to cut his demo reels and showcase work.
Jay Chapman – Head of production at NewWave Entertainment
I cut on a 2014 27inch iMac Retina setup.  I run Logic Pro X to handle all sound cleanup and design, and I run both Final Cut Pro 7 for old project files and Final Cut Pro X v2.2 (latest update) for all new projects.  I do all my 3D Animation in Cinema 4D R17, and I do all of my motion design work in After Effects CS6.  Creation of Thumbnails, Fonts, Stitching, and Still Assets are handled in Photoshop CS6.
My workflow pipeline tends to consist of:
  • 1.  putting together a general outline
  • 2.  creating a roughcut
  • 3.  choosing a sound design that fits the visual profile
  • 4.  creation of all necessary assets
  • 5.  reassessment before precision work
  • 6.  precision cutting
  • 7.  finishing sound design
  • 8.  final color correction
  • 9.  final audio balancing and cleanup
  • 10.master output.
We are located in Koreatown at Wilshire/Vermont.  I don’t mind working In-House or at Home.

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This is Michael Simpson Jr. The big cheese. He never sleeps… almost.

With a decade long professional background in everything media, and building Glowstick Bay Studios from the ground up, there isn’t a puzzle he isn’t capable of solving. He believes the CEO of any company should’ve been the janitor at some point, and understand everyone’s position. An educational background spanning MSU, FSU, OC, and Stanford, he’s well equipped to nerd out with you.


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What my clients say about me and my work

Glowstick Bay Studios is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive, and most importantly, they turn in beautiful work. Highly recommended!

Ariel Johns
Ariel JohnsHost of the tv series "Ariel’s Friends" and lead actress in the short horror film "Family Ties"IMDB

Working with Michael is an experience.  He is hilarious, and the solutions he comes up with for our VFX and sound needs are always top notch

Brandon Espy
Brandon EspyStar of the film "Written By" and CEO of Brandon Espy PhotographySandrew Inc.
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Services that we offer

Movie Making

Let’s shoot that project you’ve been dreaming of getting done.  We’ll walk you through the project every step of the way, starting with outline, and finishing with the premiere.

Movie Trailers

Now that we shot that dream project, let’s make sure we get your audience excited for it!

Social Media

Are you trying to establish your footprint in the world of social media?  Leave it up to us and we will materialize for you a full package including creating a logo for your business, branding your company, and getting your brand established evenly across all major social media platforms.  We will also explain to you how to use it properly.

Web Design

We design and build websites for everything from Actors, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, and other individual professionals, right up to Networks, Restaurants and Small Businesses.

Project Development

This includes everything from the brainstorming at the beginning of your idea, to the actual creation of said idea, and into the post production and marketing of said idea.

24/7 Support

You are always free to contact us directly at any hour on any day.  We may not answer at 3am, but we will certainly respond as soon as we see it.

Our Real World Workflow Pipelines

Film/Tv/Commercial/Music Video/Webisode/KickStater Promo Video Pipeline

  1.  We start with a brainstorming session.  By the end of this session we will have a clear outline of where we are going. (*Note – We will figure out any budget edits at this step as well)
  2. Then, we create our screenplay.  This will be written based around the budget we go into the project with.
  3. Next up is the production draft of our script.
  4. Then, we location scout.  Figure out where we will be shooting the project.
  5. After finding our locations, we will crew up.  This is the point where we figure out how big our crew and cast is going to be, and find them all!
  6. After the project is cast, we will have a table read.  This step has everyone in front of the camera around a table, and we all read through the entire script together.
  7. At this point, we hold rehearsals.
  8. Once rehearsals are taken care of and everything is crisp and ready to go, we SHOOT!
  9. After we finish shooting,
  10. Then, we create a roughcut. Shoot, Edit, See where we are.
  11. Creation of assets.  As an example, if we need digital things; lightning, more blood, gunshots breaking windows, explosions, green screen work; this is where we start creating those things.
  12. Reassessment before Precision Work – What this means is we are at the point of no return.  If we see anything we want changed in the rough, now is the time to do it.
  13. Precision Cutting – This is the phase where we start going in and getting precise with where we edit our storyline, specific cues come into place, until we reach picture lock.
  14. Sound Design – This is the point where we start deciding what music bed will best convey what we are trying to say in the story.  Also create the sound effects, foley, voice, ADR, and other audible cues.
  15. Final Color Correction – At this point, we decide the artistic direction to take everything color-wise to bring it all into the same space.
  16. Final Audio Balance – This is where we clean up all the placed audio from before and do a final mix.
  17. Exporting – We output MULTIPLE versions of the project.  One MASTER version for Screenings, Theater Distribution, etc. A Vimeo/Youtube version.  A Facebook version, and clips for Vine, Instagram, and Twitter.
  18. Advertising – This is where we put the social media wheel into work.  We set a schedule and target audiences up until the point of release with posters, teasers, trailers, an interactive website, the works.
  19. Premiere – We will put together a red carpet event for you and even a screening in a historical movie theater if your budget allows for it.
  20. What to do next? – We will have a final meeting after everything is said and done and give you a consultation on how to keep the journey of your project alive, from entering festivals, to using it as a calling card.

Website Development Pipeline

Your personal website is extremely important.  As an individual, a business, and an online presence, this will very likely be the first place that pops up when the public enters your name in Google.  That said, we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so let’s make sure your first impression is the one you actually want to make.

  1. Brainstorm – In this session, we will figure out exactly where it is you are trying to go as a company or individual.
  2. Rough Sketches – At this point, we will start to sketch out a general design for what we want your website to look like.
  3. Functionality – It is very important that your visitors are able to clearly and precisely find what it is they are looking for.  We want to make sure we are using the best plugins and scripts for the best visiting experience we can give them.
  4. Branding – Branding is one of the most important aspects of ANYTHING you are doing in the world of business.  We will design your logo and your brand and make sure it says what you need it to say.
  5. Building – At this point, we will implement everything we’ve discussed up to now, and create the first version of your website.
  6. Refinement – We will have a secondary brainstorm and look at what we love about the website, and what needs to be revised.
  7. Final Product – We will finish the website and make sure it is completely functional for launch day.
  8. Traffic Funneling – At this point everything is crisp and in place, and we need to have an official launch.  As with social media, We will teach you how to best go about letting everyone know of your new online presence.
  9. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is extremely important.  We will set up your back office on your website with the best SEO software available, and workshop with you how to properly use it, to make sure you are ranking correctly.

Social Media Pipeline

Social Media is all about one thing…trapping your audience.  Nobody does this better than Apple.  You want to create a web of digital real estate that allows your intended audience to stay lost in everything YOU.  They are on your instagram, which leads them to your twitter, which leads them to your Facebook, which leads them to your website, etc… In order to effectively pull this off, you have to have a brand.  And that brand needs to be clear, and always visible.  As a result, this is the pipeline for creating your Social Media Presence:

  1. Brainstorm – In this session, we will figure out exactly where it is you are trying to go as a company or individual.
  2. GoalSheet – This is where we put together a calendar with hard deadlines, each one being a milestone in our journey to your branding.
  3. Branding – Speaking of which, this is where we decide on your branding.  We design your logo based on the story you are trying to tell with your brand.  We then design Individual versions of your logo for every major social media platform.
  4. Building – Once your branding is complete, we build out your social media platforms.
  5. Traffic Funneling – At this point everything is crisp and in place, and we need to have an official launch.  We will teach you how to send out invitations to all of your friends digitally to start following and promoting your brand.
  6. Scheduling – Perhaps the most important aspect of all of this, is setting a schedule and sticking to it.  People come to expect new information and news on a certain from their sources.  If you want to be a source, set a release schedule.

General Project Development Pipeline

When creating a general project, there is a basic formula you can follow to make sure you are successful.  This is the winning formula that we have put together.

  1.  Brainstorm – We start with a brainstorming session.  As with all of our pipelines, we don’t make a single move until this session happens. By the end of this session we will have a clear outline of where we are going.
  2. Budgeting – We figure out how much money we have to play with, and the best ways to make that money work for the project.
  3. Step Outline – Then, we decide on how many actual steps there will be to reach our goal.
  4. Workable Chunks – Next up is breaking the steps into plausible workable pieces.  Chunks of tasks that need to be completed.
  5. Team Assignments – At this point, we break up the team into individual groups and figure out who is best qualified to do what.
  6. Deadlines – We deadline EVERYTHING.  One of the most important aspects of any project is making sure you are hitting your milestones ON TIME.  This will allow you to actually sleep at night.
  7. Reassessments – We look at the work we’ve done and decide that we are genuinely set in the direction we are going.
  8. Bring it all together – This is where we take all the individual pieces our teams have been working on and put it all together into one cohesive project.
  9. Project Launch – This is where we get the project out into the world.
  10. Final Consultation – We will sit down with you and discuss feedback from the project, and how to implement that for the next round.


*Note – These are only select projects from our portfolio for demonstrative purposes

Visual FX Reel 2017

Color Correction Reel 2017

Motion Graphic Reel

Editing Reel 2016

Animation Reel

Movie Trailer

KickStarter Promo

Live Events

Company Commercial

Music Video

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