Rape culture is real.  And the overwhelming majority of women who are raped or abused, never mention it.  They don’t mention it because of fear.  Because we live in a culture that would rather them be silent and pretend it isn’t happening.  A culture that laughs at them, yells at them, refuses to believe them, and throw them out like old trash.  Even our husbands and boyfriends treat our girlfriends and wives like trash when dealing with this issue.  How a woman chooses to dress does not give you the right to touch her.  BLACKED OUT is about the rape experience many woman unfortunately live in both house parties and college campus’s across the country.

Blacked Out will be available for viewing on this season’s festival circuit.

Blacked out was written and directed by Brother/Sister team, Noah and Gabrielle Nevins, and stars Gabrielle as well.

All post production was handled by Michael Simpson Jr at Glowstick Bay Studios in Los Angeles, California.