Anime Expo 2016

Anime Expo 2016 is finally here, and it was well worth the wait!  Check out all of our Anime Expo 2016 coverage after the jump… Read more

A Hero for a Day

A Hero For A Day

Glowstick Bay Studios is proud to announce that we were contracted to be the Production Company handling all visual fx for the new film, A Hero For A Day.

A Hero for a day is being produced directly out of China and is directed by Lifan Wang.

Our tasks include several gun fights, lots of blood, a few up close murders, some screen replacements, and weather effects.  Our kind of project.

A Hero For a Day will release in September 2016.

Ariel's Friends

Ariel’s Friends

Glowstick Bay Studios is proud to announce we have been chosen to be the production house for the upcoming Talk Show, Ariel’s Friends.

Ariel’s Friends is a new lifestyle show following the lives of young entrepreneurs, business people, and entertainers living in Los Angeles.  All of whom have a personal connection with show host, Ariel John’s.

GBS’s Michael Simpson Jr will be Executive Producing the show.

Ariel’s Friends Season 1 premieres on June 17th, 2016.

Star Wars Exile

Star Wars: Exile

Glowstick Bay Studios is proud to announce we have been selected as the production house to handle the visual fx for the upcoming film, Star Wars: Exile.

Michael Simpson Jr will be Visual Fx Supervisor on the project, as well as one of the film’s producers.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Both Producer Noel Braham, and Actor Pokey Spears.

The film releases worldwide on March 13th, 2016.