The Spartan Chronicles is one hell of a show.  I created this show because it is exactly something I would want to watch.  It is about an Ai being that becomes aware that his creators did terrible things to create him.  He also comes to the realization that he is software embedded into a dead human body, and is starting to have the memories of the body that he possesses.  He is on a race against the clock to figure out just what the hell the government that created him is up to and to expose them to the public.

12, 8 minute episodes are the web series breakdown, and all of them run together cohesively as a full feature length film.

The show is action packed, drama packed, and houses a very unique perspective on what is happening in society today.  We look forward to introducing you all the the Spartan in 2017, in The Spartan Chronicles film and web series.

The Spartan Chronicles

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